THC Eye Drops Developed by Federally Legal Marijuana Farm

THC Eye Drops, Glaucoma, Marijuana FarmTHC eye drops to treat glaucoma and being developed by the only federally legal marijuana farm.

“The perfect way to deal with glaucoma isn’t to choose a medication that will have an impact on your mind, change your ability to operate, the entire rest of your body simply to reduce the pressure within the uterus,” ElSohly argued. “The means to do so is to grow, let us say, eye drops, eye drops out of marijuana.”

Both his laboratory and a different, unnamed company that licensed the thought are looking into the eye fall potential, with the firm having begun clinical trials, ElSohly said. It is a noteworthy improvement because THC is lipophilic, behaving like an oil, so”it does not penetrate into the internal pockets of the eye to reduce the pressure” Continue reading “THC Eye Drops Developed by Federally Legal Marijuana Farm”