What is the Effect of THC on Driving? Researchers Found Out

effect of THC on driving, marijuana, cannabis, motor skillsScientists injected individuals with pure THC and gave them a set of tests to find out what the effect of THC on driving really is.

With the vast majority of nations having passed legislation legalizing marijuana in certain form, there is strong interest in ascertaining the way its elements impact motor skills. To this end, researchers at Yale School of Medicine recruited 23 former cannabis customers, administered non – and – high-THC infusions and also had them perform many psychomotor tests.

The results, published on the internet, are set to be printed in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. Continue reading “What is the Effect of THC on Driving? Researchers Found Out”

THC Presence in Semen for Frequent Marijuana Users

THC Semen, Marijuana, Cannabis Use
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A lot of individuals have had to have a pee test for cannabis, possibly as a work requirement. Employing the popular process, marijuana metabolites may in certain instances be detected for months after a individual’s last use. However, here is a question few might have thought to ask: Could THC be discovered in semen?

According to another study by a group of Harvard Medical School researchers, the solution is yes–sometimes. In a study of 12 participants who routinely consumed marijuana by inhalation, the investigators could discover delta-9 THC, the key psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, in just two areas’ semen samples. And one metabolite of THC–what is left after the body processes the chemical –can be detected in most trials capable of being examined. “Two semen samples,” the report states,”had inadequate volume to be examined.” Continue reading “THC Presence in Semen for Frequent Marijuana Users”