THC Gummies Promoted by HBO

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HBO is partnering up with important marijuana companies to advertise a line of promotional cannabis edible gummies intended to attract attention to a animated series premiering next week, the entertainment giant announced on Monday.

The 10mg THC gummies are created by the marijuana firm Kanha and will probably be available at pick California dispensaries in addition to via shipping from Eaze. Each mix has been designed to generates impacts the system says reflect the characters of the four major characters in”Close Enough,” that is flowing on HBO Max beginning July 9.

Via HBO.

“It’s been really thrilling for my group and I to make a campaign that seems really accurate to Near Enough,” Peter Sherman, senior vice president of application advertising at HBO Max, stated in a media release. “When crafting any effort, our goal is always to create an experience for your viewer which feels exciting and genuine, and this partnership with Kanha strikes the nail on the head.

What is intriguing about the THC gummies advertising –with all the fact that a leading, global media firm is working together with the cannabis sector –is that the show does not even appear to have much to do with marijuana. It is an adult-themed comedic animated series that touches on topics like raising kids and surfing professions. The trailer does not even cite cannabis.

So instead, it appears HBO is only embracing the civilization of consuming marijuana and THC gummies when enjoying TV.

“Kanha’s venture with HBO Max is a exciting opportunity to showcase our tasty, award-winning THC gummies into a brand-new audience,” Cameron Clarke, CEO of the parent firm Sunderstorm, stated. “We can not think of a playful, enjoyable cooperation to declare to our loyal fans. We are delighted to partner with one of entertainment’s most significant media leaders to help attract the adult characters into their brand new series to life via our gummy tastes and profiles”

Here is how HBO clarified all those tastes that derive from the show’s personalities:

EMILY: Emily is logical, organized, a planner — what her husband Josh isn’t. She is a loving mother and a powerful working girl who attempts to have everything.

He resides in the walk-in cupboard of the flat that he shares with Josh, Emily, Candice, and Bridgette (his ex-wife, however it is not a huge deal).

BRIDGETTE: Bridgette is a glamorous social networking influencer — in her thoughts. ‘Working’ is more of a pastime she moans between partying. Bridgette remains at the top of her sociable game with her 1:1 Pink Lemonade THC Gummies.

Eaze CEO Ro Choy reported that the partnership with HBO Max”is indeed exciting and it is a fantastic way to connect with audiences.”

“Eaze is about large product standards and also the very best value for clients, and we are very happy to align with one of the largest and most respected names in entertainment,” he explained.

You will find 20 California dispensaries that take the merchandise, and Eaze will provide them via deliveries in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.