THC Presence in Semen for Frequent Marijuana Users

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A lot of individuals have had to have a pee test for cannabis, possibly as a work requirement. Employing the popular process, marijuana metabolites may in certain instances be detected for months after a individual’s last use. However, here is a question few might have thought to ask: Could THC be discovered in semen?

According to another study by a group of Harvard Medical School researchers, the solution is yes–sometimes. In a study of 12 participants who routinely consumed marijuana by inhalation, the investigators could discover delta-9 THC, the key psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, in just two areas’ semen samples. And one metabolite of THC–what is left after the body processes the chemical –can be detected in most trials capable of being examined. “Two semen samples,” the report states,”had inadequate volume to be examined.”

Quite simply, pregnancy. Men of reproductive growth, the study’s authors note,”would be the most prevalent customers of marijuana, with 19.4 percent of guys at the USA reporting usage.” A 2018 study cited by the authors discovered that 16.5% of men and 11.5% of girls reported using marijuana when trying to conceive.

How exactly THC impacts reproductive systems and youth development are queries the Harvard authors do not try to reply in the study. The main intention of the proof-of-concept study, they explain,”would be to ascertain if THC could cross the blood-testis barrier” On this front, they seem to have triumphed.

Due to the interest in if THC might be discovered in any way, researchers concentrated on routine, long-term marijuana customers. All participants indicated that they had used the medication between 25 and 30 times of the previous month, and many said they were regular customers for a minimum of five decades. “Thus,” the group stated,”our study findings can’t be generalized to add users that are ever, mild, or medium users of marijuana”

“There were not any apparent aspects which were closely related to detectable semen THC; consequently, we could suggest few predictors of the presence of THC in human semen. Future directions (of study ) include identifying attributes that might influence semen THC levels”

Just how THC affects semen–or even the sperm inside it, and of course conception, pregnancy or youth development–remains difficult to state with certainty. Since the Harvard researchers note from the study,”Evidence linking marijuana to reproductive results is infrequent and thus far, frequently conflicting.”

1 study of 1,200 young Danish men, by way of instance, found that people who smoked marijuana frequently had lower sperm counts than people who didn’t. Another study, of 662 elderly, subfertile men in Massachusetts, found that men who had smoked marijuana had considerably higher sperm counts than people who had abstained.

“The impact of marijuana on human gametes and fertilization is comparatively unknown,” the brand new paper states. Endocannabinoid receptors are reported to sperm themselves, but”research analyzing the immediate effect of THC on human sperm are restricted.”

Most research so far has been observational, by measuring THC via self-reporting or blood testing, or analyzed the behaviour of semen which was washed in a lab with a THC alternative. “Our findings, which THC could be directly measured in human semen, put the groundwork to permit for future research,” the new study says. “Since THC may be found in the seminal fluid of several people, this may offer an immediate system of measurement (instead of relying upon self-reporting marijuana usage, which can be subjective and possibly unreliable, or serum levels that merely reflect recent exposure) to bridge real clinical trials using the preceding staged studies where THC was immediately inoculated with washed sperm”

Though the THC-washed sperm demonstrated some regarding effects, such as decreased motility and mitochondrial oxygen consumption, the Harvard group declared that the concentrations of THC found in these studies were considerably stronger than anything detected within their semen study:”It needs to be said that the smallest concentration of THC by which previous studies incubated sperm had been over tenfold greater than the concentration of THC found in the semen of the study subjects”

To put it differently, the study is a stepping-stone to additional research. And though the top-line findings may elicit some giggles, writers say the study is serious business.